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The client’s own words

“Parlametric took on the project wholeheartedly and I appreciate their expertise regarding question design and analysis. Most housing companies have large amounts of client data containing opinions, needs and issues of their residents and Parlametric can use their know-how and technology to quickly transform this into valuable information and insights.”

Erika Strandberg, Project ManagerAllmännyttans Digitaliseringsinitiativ

Frequently listening to the residents’ needs allow real-estate companies to make accurate improvements by targeting neighborhoods and specific houses based on unique issues. The real-estate company can then act faster, make effective investments, and get happier residents all at the same time.

Parlametric asked 1.500 public housing residents a few 100% open questions about their living and accommodation experiences – what they thought about their apartment, their neighborhood, if they lacked anything, etc. Based on their own words and experiences, we found important differences between resident groups.


  • Insights about what’s most important to specific resident groups (young adults, elderly, etc.)
  • Drivers of both satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Details about how residents want information and how they perceive new technology

In what way do you want info from your landlord?

63% want paper-based info

For example, not only did residents want analog info about their housing, but we established the exact reasons behind this.

Why paper based?

Assuming that the housing companies are not tech enough

“The landlord is quite far behind on their internet communication, so I rather prefer they don’t try to inform us online”

Including the elderly

“The mailbox is probably the best option since we have a lot of older people living here”


“I hate needing an app for everything!”
“Not everyone has a smartphone”

We learned what the housing companies should focus on to make residents feel safer.