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Parlametric identifies your target groups’ next steps – before your competition

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Innovative tools to deepen your understanding OF clients, competition and market trends

What Parlametric offers

Surveys: The power of open questions

In best case – scales and fixed alternatives gives you shallow results. In worst case – wrong conclusions. Parlametric’s methods allows people to freely express what’s on their mind, leading to detailed understanding and more accuracy.

Capture real-world experience

Investigating clients experiences is as close as you get to behavior and intentions, it’s not comparable to measuring impressions, likes and shares. Parlametric can easily capture these experiences for you by analyzing customer support interactions and online discussions.

Comparable metrics

Parlametric turns qualitative data into statistics that makes it easy to follow up and benchmark. This is the future of KPI’s as it is more useful compared to for example NPS, NKI, CSI and Brand Awareness.

Easy to get started

Send us your own data or let us gather it for you. We make the process easy and flexible by adapting our services to your specific needs. Parlametric seamlessly steps in as your go-to research partner.

What is Parlametric?

Parlametric combines new technology with scientific methods in language analyzing. That means we go deeper than other market analysts, we don’t stop at counting likes and comments. Our AI interprets huge amounts of text and transforms it into narrative data.
The results: Unique insights about emerging trends and bottlenecks, but also about softer values like people’s opinions. We can concretely point out why people feel like they do and how to address specific issues. The world is changing fast – we prepare you for what’s coming.
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