What drives inspires reaches frustrates changes them?

We extract value from language.

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Trusted by
industry leaders
Trusted by
industry leaders

Parlametric analyses language that enable companies to optimise their business and understand their audience on a whole new level. The language can be customer service- or sales conversations, text responses in surveys, or comments posted on social media. We extract the meaning from that data and turn it into easily digestable and concrete actionpoints.

Narrative Analytics –
The Future Of Insights

Our partners dare to challenge the status quo. They understand that better knowledge leads to better decisions, and that the most effective way to outsmart the competition is to know more about the clients.

Parlametric -
Simple Yet Powerful

Our partners know how impossible it can feel to analyse language. By partnering up with Parlametric the have access to the latest AI technology and a team of dedicated experts, so that they can focus on building a stronger business.

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Award-Winning Market Leader
Within Narrative Analytics

Preferences, feedback, and experiences are conveyed through language – not scales or ratings. Parlametric help organisations understand their audience on a whole new level by extracting value and useful insights from text and voice data.

Safe & Professional –
A Partner You Can Trust

The privacy and integrity of our partners and their clients is central to Parlametric, and we comply with revelant GDPR and data handling regulations. Regardless if you are a municipality, a small private company, or a large bank – your data is safe with us.

Flexible Partner –
Not A Blunt Tool

Most tools cannot handle the complexity of language or understand the unique needs and challenges of your organisation. Parlametric combines AI technology with an expert team to ensure you get the most value out of your data.

Game-Changer In Analytics &
Business Development

Say goodbye to the metrics of the past. Understanding narrative data at scale is where business intelligence is headed. Integrating Parlametric into your organisation will forever change the way you understand your audience, KPIs, and the future.

The Portal – All Your Parlametric
Projects In One Place

We make it easy for you and your team to access and share data. Packed with useful functionality, the Portal makes it easier than ever to imbue narrative analytics across your organisation.

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