About Parlametric

We dare to say – too much data and statistics isn’t good. How do you know what is relevant? What is trustworthy?

Therefore we don’t offer a one size fits all–analysis. Our holistic approach includes an initial analyze of our client’s need: Profound research for finding the right sources, asking relevant questions and identifying targets groups. The process continue with extracting narrative data and we wrap it up by presenting the results in, for the client, the most suiting form.

Parlametric strives to go beyond simple knowledge by combining scientific methodology with AI-technology. Our platform is research-based and that makes it possible for us to provide our clients with deep insights that truly can impact business development. We want our clients to get the most out of our collaboration.

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Our history

How it all started

Parlametric was founded in 2017 in Lund, Sweden, by Johan Källstrand and Edwin Klint Bywater. They developed a methodology for workplaces that encouraged employees to freely express what was on their mind, at any time, which made for a more inclusive and democratic working environment. This enabled companies to identify issues before they turned into huge problem – and made employees feel more involved.

The transition

Thomas Strandberg joined as a CEO in 2019. By then, Thomas had been working with attitude research and method development at the Cognitive Department at Lund University for over ten years. Since then, Parlametric has transitioned from focusing mainly on employee analysis to include a wider spectra. Our services for business development includes market research of existing and upcoming markets, analyzing business intelligence and possibilities for upscaling, among others.

Where we are today

Combining new technology with scientific methods to improve marketing intelligence is still at our core. We help numerous marketers, strategists and agencies to improve and simplify their work with insights. However, a neat side-effect is that our methods still lead to increased democracy in the workplace and to business ideas based on the customers’ wishes.

Our values

We are smarter than our competitors, and we want our clients to be that as well. In essence, Parlametric is less of an analytic company and more of a smartness accelerator.

We are the filter that make sure you only get the good stuff – too much unnecessary data makes it difficult to focus. Parlametric provides deep and useful insights that has operational value for our clients.

We like different perspectives. We firmly believe that involving customers and employees in the business development will allow companies to make more strategic decisions – as well as increase goodwill and make people more committed.

We believe in research-centered science. There is too much guessing, biased decision-making, and shallow data within marketing. Parlametric’s methods are based on cognitive science about how preferences and consumer behavior function.

We are challengers, challenging traditional data research. The target group’s wishes and demands cannot be represented through scales, predefined alternatives or leading questions. We ask open questions and let people’s free reasoning define what is important. Organic data, like comments on social media, is as close as you will ever get to people’s true preferences and experiences.

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