Narrative DNA – How does it work?

Flexible is our middle name. Find out more about our custom solutions for your specific needs.

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Context-adaptive and sentence-based
language analysis at scale

Parlametric offers a method to harness information-rich and context adaptive insights from any natural language data source – such as conversations between sales and prospects, customers and tech support or questions in a survey.

Parlametric is the only company on the market that offers:

  • A team of experts within natural language analysis, behavioural science and artificial intelligence.
    This enables us to avoid the shallow results and technical barriers commonly associated with language analysis.
  • An analytics engine that understands complex phrases and context rather than just keywords or sentiment.
    This leads to deeper results and useful insights for all our clients – regardless of size or industry
  • Data that provides true business value across the entire organisation.
    Companies use Parlametric to optimise CS channels, measure campaign impact, train the salesforce, quality control and more.
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Analysis of Customer Service & Tech support

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Analysis of Sales & Telemarketing

Follow the process of Narrative DNA

How our methods work

What is Narrative DNA?

Narrative DNA

Narrative DNA is our custom solution for your specific needs. Talk to us. What would your company or organisation benefit from knowing more about?  We love tricky missions and problems, and Narrative DNA is our one-stop-shop.

Flexible solutions

Do you want access to a million real panelists across the globe – and collect data the same day? One of the world’s most innovative surveys? Social media scraping for a specific phenomenon? Pitching for a new client and increase the chance of winning it?

A full service research partner

We always look at the big picture. Our work with client begins with analyzing the needs and which questions should be asked. We identify target groups and sources before extracting the narrative data. The result is processed into a suiting form – a real time dashboard, monthly report or a live presentation of one of our analysts? You decide.

Tailored for your needs

Our custom solution will provide you with information that gives you a truer understanding for clients, market trends, employees and competition. We have the methods that gives you answers.

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