Privacy policy for website and e-mails

When you visit our site we or our service providers may use local storage data like cookies, to ensure that you as a user have an as good experience as possible.

What is local storage?

Local storage means that data is stored locally on the unit you’re using. This is done by using cookies.

What is a cookie?

It’s a small text file that a site requests to store on your unite. The cookies make it possible for the server to keep track of your preferences on the site. The purpose of cookies is that you don’t have to log in every time you visit a site where log in is necessary. And you don’t have to select a language preset or other settings that you’ve already selected once. The purpose can also be to provide more individualized ads based on previous purchases and searches online.

Are there several types of cookies?

Yes. There are session cookies and permanent cookies.
A session cookie is deleted automatically when you close your browser. It’s only stored in your units storage for as long as you are visiting the site. It keeps track on your language settings, for example.

A permanent cookie stores a file on your unit for a shorter or longer period. These cookies are used to keep you logged in to a site or to keep track of other settings you’ve made. Permanent cookies can also be used to inform you of changes on a site since your last visit.

How does Parlametric use cookies?

We use a number of different cookies, for a number of different reasons. You can see the full list of cookies on our cookie policy page. You can also read more on that page on how you can personalize your cookie settings on our site, or request that we remove your data from our server.

Form submission and e-mails

When you send information to us using either the forms on our site or regular e-mails, your personal information is protected as per the standards in your region.
If you’re placing an order or asking about a service, we keep your information to be able to follow up on support or sales and to commit to the work and tasks you or your company has given us. We save your e-mails in about a year, or as long as it takes to finish our mutual projects.

If you want more information on how we are storing your data, please contact us at and specify your request.

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