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A chatbot disguised as a survey… or is it the other way around?

It’s not certain that regular surveys will provide useful data. Use Elli! She offers a fun and engaging way to quickly gather data. Her interface looks like a text message thread – where she is the friend asking a lot of questions.

The natural feeling of interacting with Elli appeals to a younger audience who typically are not motivated by regular surveys. And it’s the perfect way to get data when there is a time constraint, such as during a game intermission or a conference.

Integrate Elli on your website and use her as a customer service channel, data collector and insights generator – a fun way for your visitors to engage with you.


  • Optimized for text- and voice REPLIES analyzed by Parlametric
  • Supports movie clips, images, and OTHER creative answer types
  • Integrate as a pop-up on your website or reach Elli through links and QR codes
  • Connected with 300 000 panelists across the world

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