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The client’s own words

“We wanted to explore the food of the future based on the free thinking of a large group of people. Parlametric made it possible in a smooth and smart way with its completely unique method. We received a fantastic response from Parlametric who understood and inspired us through the process. A real dream team.”

Clara Lindholm, Senior Planner ANR+1Chair of the jury, Strategy Awards Sweden 2021

The marketing and communication strategy agency ANR+1, held round-table discussions about different future themes with experts from the field. Parlametric provided data that was used as topics during the discussions. For example, we asked 300 Swedes open questions about the food of the future and scraped the social media of different food influencers. The findings were discussed by marketing managers from Max, Krav, Sodastream and others.


  • Vivid and engaged “future scenarios” from a large group of people
  • Sentiment towards the food industry and concepts such as eco and vegan
  • Motivations behind attitudes, choices and behavior
What kind of food do you think people will eat in 50 years?

People will eat more…

Is there any food you  feel ashamed of eating?