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The political arena is one domain where current and accurate target group data is the key to success. However, most opinion institutes and pollsters rely on outdated and inaccurate methods to establish opinion. Parlametric is revolutionizing the field by providing research expertise as well as data collection and analysis methods, that provides both campaigns and political consultants with the insights needed to attract their target voters.

The data could be anything from interviews (phone calls or street), surveys, and e-mail correspondence to social media and forum discussions. This 100% data-driven approach to public opinion research leads to more accurate predictions and insights that can be used to tailor campaign communication to resonate with the voters.

People have a lot to say, give them a way to freely express their views

For example, asking Americans what they currently think are 
the most important issues will lead to answers like this
  • Covid19, economic stimulus, political division, the mainstreaming of right-wing militia ideology under Trump.
  • The divisiveness of the country. Unemployment. China and Russia exerting greater influence in the world.
  • Getting Covid under control and then helping the people and economy to recover.
  • Domestic terrorism and white supremacy groups, covid deniers, economic disparities between rich and poor, climate change.
  • Education is the biggest and most important issue the US is facing!
  • Racial inequities, climate change, student loan forgiveness, national debt.
  • Short term: getting everyone vaccinated, long term: racism.
Which summarizes to
But differ between groups