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Monitor social media and predict keywords and trends – before they turn into mass behaviour.

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What is Flare?

Find out what’s going to trend

Parlametric’s unique AI technology and scientific methods in language analysis make it possible to extract huge amounts of text from social media and online channels and transform it into narrative data.

Be one step ahead

By identifying emerging keywords, feelings and opinions that are of relevance to your company we get an early indication of upcoming trends. We then deep-dive into what we find to understand it more thoroughly.

Just a Hair co

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The clients own words

“Parlametric is a game- changer when it comes to analytics. They help me grow as a business owner and by integrating them into my company I can now scale much more efficiently. The value continues to grow & I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.”

Bart CerratiCEO & Founder of Just a Touch Hair Co.

For all small and mid size retailers or e-coms it is important to be both ahead of the game (to combat larger competitors) and effective with resources (not to break the bank). Being successful in this is one of the keys to steady growth. Being able to understand the target customer, track consumer patterns over time, and see what the most popular products are allows to fine-tune both the web shop and marketing messages to better resonate with the current needs of the presumptive buyer.

Parlametric monitors 50 different men’s grooming forums, social media pages, and influencers. Every comment is analyzed and visualized in Just a Touch’s own live dashboard. Parlametric tracks which brands and products people prefer, recommend, plan to buy as gifts etc. Both seasonal and unexpected trends can be spotted as they unfold.


  • Identify new or important SEO words
  • Stock gift baskets and offers based on currently hot products and brands
  • Base marketing communication on experiences and things being discussed
For instance, we ranked what forum members planned to give their dads for Father’s Day and we could follow the products increase (green) and decrease (red) day-by-day to establish the strongest performers.
And we can track the most popular hair products (note that beer is #3).
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