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The client’s own words

“We have tried several text-analyzing tools but wanted a data partner that would do the work for us. Parlametric has helped us identify all the valuable insights there are in free text responses that have previously been unavailable to us. We enjoy working with Parlametric because of their flexibility and since they actually give insight in how we need to develop our business.”

Anders WesterholmHR & Communications Director, Ambea

The healthcare provider Ambea uses Parlametric to analyze free text responses in employee and patient surveys. That way, Ambea not only get numeric indications about levels of satisfaction, but detailed insights about what Ambea is doing right and what needs to be fixed.

For example, a drop in satisfaction towards the work environment in one specific district could be the result of for example some critical equipment often being out of stock, or a glitch in the digital report system. Concrete issues like these can never be identified using scales or predefined options but rely on employees being able to openly express them when they happen or becomes top of mind.


  • Early and specific identification of issues and how to fix them
  • Details about what employees and patients like about Ambea
  • A more engaged and democratic workplace