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Prior to the European Parliament election 2019 the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan published two opinion analyses provided by Parlametric. We asked 1000 Swedes “What has made you most upset the past month?” and “When you and your friends discuss politics, what do you talk about?”.

Although the first question was not political, 70% of people’s answers had a political or societal theme – but in a much broader sense compared with the second question which had more stereotypical political answers. By clustering people’s answers we saw that certain types of individuals gravitated towards certain types of attitudes.


  • 100% data-driven political opinion survey
  • A non-political question can lead to more relevant insights compared to a political question
  • People have a lot to say – let their thoughts and experiences out of the box

This upsets different age groups

What has made you the most upset the last month?
Injustices, Egoism, Equality, Article 13, Josefin Nilsson, Dramaten, Michael Jackson, R Kelly
Climate denial, Criticism towards Greta Thunberg, Nature catastrophe, Plastics in the ocean
Terrorism, Returning IS fighter, Cheating politicians, Trump
Corruption, Money laundering, Swedbank, Sexual abuse

Frequently talked about

When you talk about politics and other societal topics – what do you talk about?
The respondents that didn’t know which political party they supported talked a lot more about environment and health care.