Smart, automatic micro surveys asking only one or two open questions. Boost your customer and employee surveys, and get much more out of NPS and other ratings. Join the revolution of how surveys should be done.

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Needle CX

Suitable for customers and visitors

After an apartment viewing, home delivery, purchase or a hotel stay – you want to know what your customers thought about their experience.

At the same time, you only want relevant feedback – the good stuff that you can actually use. Luckily, this is the type of information the customer is willing to give. With Needle we ask one or two open questions: ”What was good?” and ”What can we improve?”. Needle CX then asks intelligent follow-up questions based on the customers’ answers to gather more details. This ensures you collect useful data that you can use to make improvements and better understand the customer experience – right away. The data won’t stack up and you won’t require a team of analysts.

Needle EX

Suitable for employees

Check in with your staff regularly and get continuous feedback on likes and dislikes in the workplace – instead of that yearly survey with dull, unengaging and biased questions that doesn’t actually tell you much. Needle EX enables you to make critical adjustments before issues escalate. Including your employees and letting them shape their work environment will increase their motivation and commitment.

Needle NPS

Experience ratings with response motivation

Numeric ratings provide very limited insight unless you know the reason behind each response. Needle integrates seamlessly with the NPS by triggering an open question in which the customer is asked to explain why they gave a certain rating. This way your company will get an NPS benchmark – but also understand why you have the score you do and why people would or would not recommend you.

What is Needle?

Forget about stacked up data that you won’t have time to manually analyze. The basis of Needle is built on two open question surveys. Using Conditional Intelligence™ Needle opens up new questions based on what the surveyor replies. The useful data is fetched and displayed in your customized dashboard. You’ll see an overview of action points and specific information about what to improve.

Needle uses Conditional Intelligence™ – a way to revolutionize customer surveys and with its sharp ability to formulate relevant questions it surpasses traditional surveys. It gives you useful data for optimizing your business and it’s easy to integrate with your already existing customer database. It’s both language independent and scalable, and therefore suitable for all types of companies, big or small.

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