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Know what your customers think, feel and need – and use it to identify bottlenecks, reduce churn rate and optimize your customer service.

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What is Propel?

Forget time consuming surveys

Regardless of the format – email, chat or phone – in cooperation with us it is easier than ever to analyze your customers interactions. Let Parlametric turn your customer service channels into an insights generator.

Level up your customer knowledge

Get the sentiment and detailed knowledge of the most brought up questions and issues. Continuous monitoring makes it possible to quickly identify problems, adress demands and benchmark it over time.

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Read more about the seamless data transition and the safe and reliable data storage and encryption in the white paper and see how it works in a demo dashboard for an energy company and an HR & insurance company.

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Energy company
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HR & Insurance company

Large real-estate company

Propel example user case

Real-estate companies have huge amounts of customer input from various interactions such as customer service, surveys and more. At the same time, it is important for the company to acknowledge that specific housing areas, even specific houses, come with their own unique set of issues, challenges and opportunities. Being able to quickly address increasing issues or issues that suddenly pop up can make a big difference in creating a sustainable and attractive environment with happy residents.

Parlametric continuously analyzes the client’s customer service inputs, focusing on concrete areas of improvement. This is tracked over time and mapped to specific neighborhoods and houses. Issues can be handled early, and targeted improvements can be made, making it possible for the client to draw valuable insights from their own resident data in order to make data-driven decisions and investments.


  • Sentiment across different topics, neighborhoods and houses
  • Critical areas to focus on and make improvements to
  • Benchmarks over time

Areas with most dissatisfaction

Comparing 2019 and 2020

The pandemic has shaped peoples’ living perceptions – people feel less dissatisfaction with their own apartment, but more towards shared spaces.
Zooming in on maintenance we could pinpoint which specific subareas that increased the most, which were cleaning and yard care.
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